Intellekt provides language and intelligence solutions that amplify our customers capabilities. Over 95% of our employees are former military personnel providing you with strong subject matter expertise.

Imagery and Geospatial Analysis

We provide expert teams to help support the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance community.

  • Geospatial analysis and reports editing
  • Imagery intelligence (IMINT) analysis
  • Full Motion Video (FMV), medium, and high altitude ISR support

Language, Operations, and Signals Analysis

Our highly experienced team of linguists, operations, and SIGINT professionals provide benchmark training and intelligence to a wide range of DoD programs.

  • Training of DoD and civilian personnel
  • Cryptologic Language Analyst (CLA) capabilities, effectiveness, and emerging technology analysis
  • Multiple intelligence disciplines
  • Extensive cultural knowledge and expertise
  • Adversary tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) analysis

English as a Second Language (ESL) Instruction

We provide highly qualified ESL instructors who train military and civilian staff for participation in training courses delivered in English by the US Military.

  • Dynamic and effective reading, writing, and speaking teaching techniques
  • Facilitate cooperation and trust with coalition partners
  • Support curriculum development and specialized English language training for targeted vocabulary

Foreign Language Training and Support

We provide a cadre of highly qualified foreign language professionals who support the DoD’s cryptologic language analyst requirements.

  • Mentor, train, and develop language analysts
  • Recommend, request, budget, and process language training events
  • Coordinate with instructors to ensure operational requirements are addressed in the classroom
  • Report and brief leadership on language program, student progress, and force posture
language and intelligence intellekt video wall
language and intelligence intellekt control center
language and intelligence intellekt language training

Intellekt leverages proven approaches, a superb performance reputation and experience to ensure mission success. We provide intelligence analysis, cryptologic linguist training and support, and augment staffs at all organizational levels with senior level Subject Matter Expertise.

services intellekt imagery analysis

Language and Intelligence Solutions

Intellekt combines highly experienced, cleared personnel with proven approaches to offer high quality ISR support. In addition to our cryptologic linguist support, we provide Multi-Source Analysis, C4ISR, GEOINT, and OSINT support to a variety of clients. Our experts perform these critical missions around the globe enhancing the safety of our troops and those they protect.

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