The Intellekt Group is a dynamic group of veterans and professionals committed to supporting U.S. Military Missions across the globe. We are always seeking talented and passionate individuals to join our team. We provide employees with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. The Intellekt Group promotes diversity and innovation in a collaborative and team-oriented atmosphere.

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“Working for The Intellekt Group affords me the opportunity to work with true professionals. I learn something new from my colleagues on a daily basis.”

Casey Clifford, Director of Operations

“What I love about working for Intellekt is that I feel appreciated. They treat us with respect and support us in our professional growth and development.”

Ali D., Support Manager

“I enjoy the challenges and unique opportunities presented by a small business. Intellekt gives me a voice in company decisions and direction, and I derive a lot of satisfaction assisting with our clients’ unique language, training, and intelligence-related programs.”

Lee Anthony, Subject Matter Expert
“I am able to succeed at my job because I have a manager that allows me to do my job. I am never micro managed, and he is always there if I ever need help with anything. For that, I am thankful.”
Kim L., CLPM

Employee Benefits Include:

Paid Time Off (PTO)
Tuition Reimbursement
Bereavement Leave
Paid Holidays

Our Culture

We pride ourselves in our excellent company culture, built on the principle of extreme accountability.