Jim Gilbert

Solutions Architect

Jim currently serves as a Solutions Architect and Subject Matter Expert at Intellekt. With a distinguished 20-year career in the United States Army as a Signal Officer, Jim brings a wealth of experience to his role. Before obtaining his commission, he served as an Enlisted Infantryman and later as a Senior Information Technology Specialist. Upon retiring from the military, Jim seamlessly transitioned into the civilian sector, assuming the responsibilities of Director of Business Development and Community Relationships for a telecommunications company specializing in delivering fiber to homes in rural communities. Jim is not only a certified Project Manager but also holds a Masters Degree in IT Project Management. Notably, during his tenure as Director of Business Development, he took on the additional role of Adjunct College Professor in two disciplines—Psychology and Cyber Security. In this capacity, he taught dual enrollment High School students and adults pursuing further education. In addition to his contributions at Intellekt, Jim established and participates in Northern Michigan AAU, dedicating his efforts to the development of youth skills and fostering a teamwork mentality. Beyond his involvement in sports, Jim and his wife take pride in being the proprietors of two small businesses based in Michigan. These enterprises are committed to providing financial assistance to the local community and supporting the educational system in their region.