Responsibility equals accountability equals ownership. And a sense of ownership is the most powerful weapon a team or organization can have. 

Through our culture of Extreme Accountability, we deliver value by analyzing problems, formulating solutions, and driving results with focus and determination. Our positive and supportive model establishes standards and creates interdependence between team members by contributing to goal clarity, loyalty, trust, and information sharing. We remain agile at our core, passionate to serve, and prepared for tomorrow. 

Our Four Pillars of Accountability

Accountability Improves Performance

At Intellekt, we are invested in our customers’ success. We have a passion for the mission and as a result, we focus on continuous improvement. By using continuous improvement methodologies, we exact a process that is waste-reducing. This allows us to identify and analyze the issue, test a potential solution on a small scale and measure the results. We then study the effectiveness and implement the solution. This becomes our new baseline.

Accountability Helps Us Measure Progress

We rapidly embrace change to accomplish our customers’ missions by using quantifiable metrics. We foster a culture of accountability using SMART goals to confirm we are tracking tasks and deliverables in an actionable way. We ensure schedules are realistic and achievable by establishing baselines for performance.

Accountability Keeps Us Engaged

Our culture of accountability ensures our personal and professional growth. When we are surrounded by accountable professionals, we can count on good advice, constructive criticism, and valuable mentoring. We provide valuable support to all our employees to ensure they are growing as individuals. This can be in the form of education reimbursement, mentorship, or team building meetings. Because when a team member improves, the whole organization benefits.

Accountability Fosters Personal Growth

By maintaining proactive communication with key stakeholders, we minimize miscommunication, establish relationships, and ensure future success. Proactive communication allows us to generate new ideas and ensure we catch minor concerns before they become big problems. It provides a way to celebrate positive outcomes and, therefore, to reinforce effective behaviors.

Our Values We focus on what is important to our company and reinforce our Purpose and Culture of Extreme Accountability. We believe every employee contributes to The Intellekt Group’s success by emulating these Values:

Our culture is based on the principle of Extreme Accountability. We follow through with our commitments and take ownership of our performance and outcomes. Being accountable is foundational to supporting each other and serving our customers.

Our employees are our bedrock. Our commitment is to provide our employees support, mentorship, guidance, and resources to be the best version of themselves while promoting a personal pride in our collective success. We care about each other and strive to always build trust and rapport in a genuine and authentic manner.

We make hundreds of decisions every day. The world is complex, and decisions are rarely black and white. We use a combination of analytical skills, assumptions, scenario development, and intuition to navigate the gray areas. We make sound decisions confidently and decisively at the lowest level through our decentralized decision-making structure.

Focusing on details reinforces accountability, promotes consistency, and instills discipline in our work. A lack of detail increases the risk of errors, failed processes, complacency, and erosion of trust amongst stakeholders. Our commitment to detail builds confidence in our work, helps our effectiveness, and fortifies our high standards.

Passion is vital to our company and generates enthusiasm for our work. Passion can be a result of personal gratification, family, or a dedication to mission and purpose. All of these are valid. Our passion cultivates a healthy environment, builds comradery, improves outcomes, and provides a strong sense of purpose and satisfaction.

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