Increasing Foreign Language Proficiency

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Foreign language proficiency is critical in what we do. By using the Department of Defense’s Language Proficiency Test 5 standards, The Intellekt Group delivers high quality, culturally trained students to enhance and heighten national security. Through modern techniques, interactive trainings, and 24/7/365 online access, Intellekt provides an efficient means of training students [...]

480 ISRW DCGS Intelligence Support

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480 ISR Wing / DCGS Intelligence Support (Subcontractor) Location(s): Beale Air Force Base, CA POP: 01 MAY 2016 – 31 OCT 2016 Summary of Services: This contract supported the AF DCGS ISR mission, which includes intelligence support and information technology support across multiple locations to satisfy C-NAF and CFACC requirements. Our work originally included [...]


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616th Operations Center/ISR Division - GEOINT SME (Prime) Location(s): JBSA-Lackland Air Force Base, TX POP: 15 OCT 2018 – 27 JUL 2020 Summary of Services: This contract provides GEOINT subject matter expertise to the 616 Operations Center. Provides guidance and RFI response support with EO/IR, FMV, OPIR, SAR, HSI/MSI and GMTI, Imagery and Spectral [...]

USSTRATCOM Red Switch Support

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USSTRATCOM Cyber Security / Red Switch Support (Subcontractor) Offutt Air Force Base, NE Summary of Services: This contract provides Cybersecurity support services for the Command and Control Switching Systems (CCSS) program and NC3 systems as they relate to the Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN) system for mission essential secure and non-secure voice services. Services [...]

ACC ISR Support

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ACC ISR Support  (Subcontractor) Location(s) Multiple POP: 15 MAR 2019 – 14 MAR 2024 Summary of Services: This contract supports the warfighter with operational and technical support across the ACC ISR enterprise for advanced analysis, irregular warfare support, cryptologic linguist support, and technical assistance in planning and systems support. Our tasks and SME expertise span [...]


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Air Force Central Command/A2 - ISR Support (Subcontractor)Location(s): Shaw Air Force Base, SCPOP: 01 JAN 2020 – 31 DEC 2024Summary of Services: This contract supports the evolution of operational requirements, mission operations, and life-cycle sustainment of ISR technologies within USAFCENT. Our tasks and SME expertise include ISR support to collection management, ISR support to plans, [...]