Intellekt is doing its part to protect the environment.

Green is a part of the way we operate.

Our mission and culture is going Green. This includes a variety of policies and procedures to ensure we are eco-friendly. Our strategy is a company-wide policy that integrates collaboration between employees and management. We have begun assessing our company practices and evaluating the gap between our current conditions and our future goals. We will develop a plan of action to move the company towards a cleaner, more eco-friendly environment.

In order to execute our goal, we will track our progress to ensure timely success of our mission. We will start with our Green Timeline which we plan to have in place by Q2. This timeline will detail the stages of our roll-out and activities required for each. We will build in regular checkpoints in order to ensure that we are being as efficient and effective as possible.

As our work continues, we will educate our employees, customers and vendors of our progress and of the benefits that going Green has provided us. This is an ongoing effort that requires collaboration from our employees. Next time you are about to press print, ask yourself… what can I do instead to help conserve these resources?