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USSTRATCOM Red Switch Support

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USSTRATCOM Cyber Security / Red Switch Support The Intellekt Group provides Cybersecurity support services for the Command and Control Switching Systems (CCSS) program and NC3 systems as they relate to the Defense Red Switch Network (DRSN) system for mission essential secure and non-secure voice services. Services provided include; Cyber Network Engineer, Cybersecurity Analyst, and Information [...]

16 AF Operations Support

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16th Air Force Operations Support As a subcontract, Intellekt provides subject matter expertise and threat mitigation support for the ACC ISR requirements including advanced analysis, irregular warfare support, cryptologic linguist support, and technical assistance in planning and systems support. Our tasks and SME expertise span 13 locations and include Command Language Program Management (CLPM) support, [...]

16 AF Joint CLPM Database Language Portal

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16th Air Force Joint CLPM Database  The Intellekt Group supports the 16th Air Force and organizational Command Language Program Managers (CLPMs) to track the language capabilities, training history, and language testing results of cryptologic language analysts (CLAs) and provides program metrics for leadership action. The portal also serves as an automated transmission mechanism for language [...]

AFCENT Force Protection Support

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AFCENT Force Protection Support The Intellekt Group supports the operational planning, program management, and technical consulting requirements for Air Force Central Command (AFCENT’s) Force Protection activities that are designed to enhance and improve mission performance within the US Central Command (USCENTCOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR). Our tasks and SME expertise include Executive Assistant/Consultant support to [...]