Annelise Muhr

Project Coordinator

Annelise serves as the Project Coordinator at the Intellekt Group, collaborating closely with the Operations team to oversee project management, organization, and effective problem-solving. With a dedication to leading with empathy and achieving results, she approaches each task with a commitment to continual learning and growth. Annelise has played a pivotal role in driving key initiatives forward such as branding, operational efficiency, and implementing new ideas & applications. Her strong analytical skills and strategic mindset have been instrumental in identifying cost-saving opportunities and improving resource allocation processes. She graduated from The University of Washington with a Bachelor of Business Administration, concentrating in Technology & Innovation Management. Prior to joining the Intellekt Group, Annelise honed her skills in the advertising industry. Notably, she spearheaded the update of the Google Adblitz CMS, facilitating the seamless uploading of SuperBowl Commercials to YouTube as they went live. Outside of work, Annelise enjoys exploring Seattle's culinary scene, indulging her passion for independent films, and traveling to the Jersey shore to visit her family. Because of her cross country moves she's a proud Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Kraken fan.