Built on a foundation with training at its core, Intellekt’s experience and capabilities deliver the training missions for today and anticipate our customer’s needs for tomorrow. Our transformational learning and simulation solutions improve performance at every level of proficiency.


From in-person instruction to interactive training, Intellekt provides highly qualified professionals to train military and civilian staff members in support of a variety of different military operations.

⋅ Courseware Development ⋅ Modeling and Simulation
⋅ Force Development ⋅ Non-Kinetic Training
⋅ Foreign Language Training ⋅ Scenario/Exercise Development
⋅ IMI Development ⋅ Scenario/Exercise Sustainment
⋅ Instructor Training ⋅ Task Management
⋅ ISR Training ⋅ Test Administration
⋅ Live, Virtual, Constructive Training ⋅ Training Program Administration
⋅ LMS Enhancement


Intellekt’s cadre of law enforcement professionals develop, plan, and implement training and testing programs consistent with local, state, and federal law enforcement regulations, policies, and procedures.

⋅ Courseware Development ⋅ Test Administration
⋅ Equipment Training ⋅ Training Program Administration
⋅ ISR Training ⋅ Training Liaison
⋅ Legal Training ⋅ Training Manuals
⋅ Live, Virtual, Constructive Training ⋅ Training Program Development
⋅ Performance Evaluation ⋅ Scenario/Exercise Development
⋅ Surveillance Training ⋅ Scenario/Exercise Sustainment


Intellekt performs gap and overlap analysis, aligns courses with competencies, and provides recommendations of courses to the United States Government workforce to improve individual and agency effectiveness.

⋅ Competency Analysis ⋅ Performance Evaluation
⋅ Competency Based Instruction ⋅ Software/Hardware Training
⋅ Course Management ⋅ Test Administration
⋅ Courseware Development ⋅ Training Gap Analysis
⋅ Instructor Training ⋅ Training Program Administration
⋅ Live, Virtual, Constructive Training


16 AF Operations Support

16th Air Force Operations Support As a subcontract, Intellekt provides subject matter expertise and threat mitigation support for the ACC ISR requirements including advanced analysis, [...]