Applying a holistic approach to advanced Intelligence Services in support of our customers’ missions, we leverage multiple disciplines of collection, analysis, processing, exploitation, and dissemination.  With our experience in multiple domains for Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian applications, we advance our customer’s capabilities to drive mission success.


Intellekt’s highly experienced Subject Matter Experts deliver advanced planning, direction, collection, processing, exploitation, analysis, production, and dissemination in support of multi-domain operations for Department of Defense Services.

⋅ Collection Management Multi-INT/ Multi-Domain Analysis:
⋅ Contingency Planning  ⋅ Financial Intelligence (FININT)
⋅ Cryptologic Mission Support  ⋅ Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)
⋅ Digital Graphics Support     – Imagery Intelligence (IMINT)
⋅ Electronic Warfare Support     – Full Motion Video (FMV) Analysis
⋅ Force Protection/Management  ⋅ Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
⋅ Information Warfare Support  ⋅ Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT)
⋅ ISR PED Production and Support  ⋅ Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
⋅ ISR Plans and Requirements     – Publicly Available Information (PAI)
⋅ Logistics Management  ⋅ Political-Military (POL-MIL) Analysis
⋅ Mission Planning  ⋅ Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
⋅ Program Management    – Communications Intelligence (COMINT)
⋅ Special Security Services    – Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
⋅ Target Development


In pursuit of identifying and eliminating criminal activity, Intellekt integrates complex relevant information into a cohesive package, to provide meaningful and trustworthy direction to law enforcement and key stakeholders.

⋅ Aircraft Maintenance Coordination ⋅ Mission Liaison
⋅ Compliance Management ⋅ Program Management
⋅ Data Intelligence Analysis ⋅ Record Retention
⋅ Data Intelligence Collection ⋅ Target Development
⋅ Evidence Collection and Management ⋅ Technical Operations Support
⋅ Expert Witness Testimony ⋅ Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
⋅ Facilities Management ⋅ Video Intelligence Analysis
⋅ Financial/Budget Analysis ⋅ Video Intelligence Collection
⋅ Logistics Management


Focused on improvement of mission and operations, Intellekt integrates data analysis and performance indicators to enable the efficient and effective achievement of programs across the United States Federal Government.

⋅ Audits, Evaluations, and Inspections ⋅ Record Retention
⋅ Business Process Analysis ⋅ Resource Planning/Management
⋅ Compliance Management ⋅ Strategic Communications
⋅ Digital Graphics Support ⋅ Strategic Planning
⋅ Financial/Budget Analysis ⋅ Supply Chain Management
⋅ FOIA Compliance ⋅ Task Management
⋅ Human Capital Analysis ⋅ Working Groups Participation
⋅ Operations Support ⋅ Workforce Analysis
⋅ Program Management



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