Accelerated Learning Solutions

Intellekt delivers accelerated learning environments that improve instructor and student productivity. Our scalable, customizable systems meet the current and future needs of your organization.

Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)

We create VLEs that simulate real world training sites providing realistic interactive training at a distance.

  • Virtual presence yields realistic training
  • Interactive environments
  • Learning metrics, monitoring, and reporting
  • Technology enhanced classrooms
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) enhancement


Instructor-Led Training

Our highly experienced and professional personnel are available to conduct instructor-led training in real time.

  • Real-time interaction
  • Video and teleconferencing tools
  • Lecture or interactive formats
  • Blended learning between instructor led and e-learning elements


Course Development and Test Administration

We create and administer instructional courses to improve individual and agency effectiveness.

  • Proven, certified instructional systems
  • Extensive learning resources
  • Modular and linear systems
  • Lecture, classroom, and interactive formats
  • Graphics and content creation
  • Effective measuring methods
  • Comprehensive reporting tools


English as a Second Language (ESL) Instruction

Intellekt’s highly qualified ESL instructors train military, and civilian and foreign nationals in preparation for attending training courses delivered in English.

  • Effective reading, writing, and speaking teaching techniques
  • Structured immersion programs
  • Liaison with coalition partners
  • English language training for targeted vocabulary


Foreign Language Training and Support

Our cadre of highly qualified foreign language professionals support the Intelligence Community’s (IC) language analyst requirements.

  • Development of effective language analysts
  • Developed and scheduled language training events
  • Instructor coordination and monitoring
  • Leadership reporting on program, student progress, and force posture
training classroom
Accelerated Learning Environment
Accelerated Learning intellekt classroom
language training

Intellekt provides accelerated learning and customized classroom training technology solutions that enhance our customers’ training ability. We base our creative and innovative solutions on a clear understanding of our customers’ needs to create effective, interactive learning environments.

Training Solutions

The professionals at The Intellekt Group have years of experience providing customized classroom training technology solutions. By proactively listening to our customers, we get a thorough understanding of their requirements so we can work together to create interactive learning environments that improve student and instructor performance.

Languages supported
Hours of language portal availability per year
Cryptologic Language Analysts (CLAs) supported
Portal support expandable up to

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