We provide Intelligence, Training, and Technology Solutions to our United States Federal Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian agency customers. We use industry recognized best practices to solve our customers’ challenges, increase operational efficiencies, and enable continuity of operations in high-rotation, dynamic environments.



Intellekt provides effective and modern solutions to each Military Service to counteract and defeat enemy threats as they emerge.

Our wide range of solutions leverages emerging technologies to help the Department of Defense conduct Multi-Domain Operations to prevail in competition. With technical and operational expertise from Intelligence to Information Technology and Training, we help our customers achieve operational and strategic objectives.


Intellekt provides full spectrum of investigative and analysis support services for law enforcement agencies nationwide.

We serve the United States Federal Law Enforcement and national security communities with investigative, financial, and training support services.  Our employees with our law enforcement partners at more than 20 sites across the country to enhance public safety and security by disrupting criminal activity that threatens our communities.


Intellekt supports technological and operational modernization of multiple United States Federal Government agencies.

Intellekt supports our customers’ public service missions with a wide variety of Technology and Training solutions. Augmented by our extensive advanced analytics and intelligence background with the military and law enforcement, we leverage  emerging technologies to solve our customers’ most complex modernization and readiness challenges.


Intellekt’s highly experienced Subject Matter Experts deliver advanced planning, direction, collection, processing, exploitation, analysis, production, and dissemination in support of multi-domain operations for Department of Defense Services.

In pursuit of identifying and eliminating criminal activity, Intellekt integrates complex relevant information into a cohesive package, to provide meaningful and trustworthy direction to law enforcement and key stakeholders.

Focused on improvement of mission and operations, Intellekt integrates data analysis and performance indicators to enable the efficient and effective achievement of programs across the United States Federal Government.

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From in-person instruction to interactive training, Intellekt provides highly qualified professionals to train military and civilian staff members in support of a variety of different military operations.

Intellekt’s cadre of law enforcement professionals develop, plan, and implement training and testing programs consistent with local, state, and federal law enforcement regulations, policies, and procedures.

Intellekt performs gap and overlap analysis, aligns courses with competencies, and provides recommendations of courses to the United States Federal Government workforce to improve individual and agency effectiveness.

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Advancing the modernization of overmatch capabilities across all Department of Defense Services, Intellekt provides operationalizing sciences through disruptive innovations.

Helping to develop the next generation of technology, Intellekt researches, tests, and develops new integration schemes for aerial and ground platforms for law enforcement agencies.

Intellekt provides a multitude of information technology, cloud, and cybersecurity services in support of the United States Federal Government program requirements that enable efficient and effective mission execution.

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