Our Culture

Our culture is based on one principle, extreme accountability. We foster a culture of accountability to analyze problems, formulate solutions, and drive results with focus and determination. We’re agile at our core, passionate to serve, and prepared for tomorrow.

Accountability Keeps Us Engaged

By maintaining proactive communication with key stakeholders on the progress of all tasks and deliverables we minimize miscommunication, establish relationships, and ensure future success. Proactive communication allows us to collaborate new ideas and ensures we catch minor concerns before they become big problems. It also provides a way to celebrate positive outcomes and reinforce effective behaviors.

Accountability Helps Us Measure Progress

By using quantifiable metrics, we are able to adapt to change quickly to accomplish our customers’ missions. We foster a culture of accountability using SMART goals to ensure we are tracking tasks and deliverables in an actionable way. We ensure schedules are realistic and achievable by establishing baselines for performance early on.

Accountability Improves Our Performance

At Intellekt, we are invested in our customers’ success and have a passion for the mission. As a result, we focus on continuous improvement using the Plan, Do, Check, Act methodology. Using this waste reducing process allows us to identify and analyze the issue, test a potential solution on a small scale and measure the results. We then study the effectiveness and implement the solution, which becomes our new baseline.

Accountability Fosters Personal Growth

Our culture of accountability ensures helps us grow personally and professionally because when we are surrounded by other accountable professionals, we can count on good advice, constructive criticism, and valuable mentoring. We provide valuable support to all our employees to ensure they growing as individuals. This can be in the form of education reimbursement, mentorship, or team building meetings, because when a team member improves, the whole organization benefits.

Want to know more about being a member of The Intellekt Group? Check out our Careers page.

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