Ali Whittlesey

Proposal/Contracts Manager

Ali Whittlesey serves as our Proposal Manager and Contracts Manager. She is a certified Association for Proposal Management Professional (APMP). She has 14 years of proposal management and business development experience, 6 years in contracts management experience and over 18 years in graphic design, web design, and marketing experience. As a small business owner herself, Ali’s focus is on contractual compliance and business growth. She has coordinated, managed, authored, and edited hundreds of complex technical proposals and business agreements, helping to substantially grow The Intellekt Group in its first five years. Ali is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Organizational Leadership. She also holds an AA in Visual Communications and a certification in Information Assurance Technology. In addition to her work with Intellekt, Ali and her husband own a motorcycle repair shop in their hometown. They live on a 30 acre organic farm and spend their days camping, riding, and enjoying the outdoors with their family.