In December 2014, Trofholz Technologies, Inc. (Trofholz) announced its decision to separate into two independent, privately owned companies. The final separation resulted on 1 September 2015. As a result of this separation, a portion of Trofholz business has evolved to form a new independent, privately held language and intelligence services company, named The Intellekt Group, LLC (Intellekt).  The Intellekt Group, LLC is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

Like any well managed company, periodic internal reorganization to execute our business strategy more efficiently, reduce waste and redundancy or bring similar technical or customer expertise under singular management must occur. Such reorganizations have resulted in better and more effective customer support, increased collaboration of expertise, increased financial efficiencies, and a most importantly more strategic focus for our business.  Our company leadership is no longer forced to concentrate their energies across very diverse market segments and can focus 100% of their energy on similar, complimentary business sectors.

As of the separation date, Trofholz and Intellekt now have a clear line of separate strategic focus areas to better serve the very different needs of their customers. Trofholz is focused on the Physical & Information Security marketplace to provide premier critical infrastructure solutions. Intellekt is focused on Language and Intelligence services, Accelerated Learning Environments and Software Application Development.

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