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Increasing Foreign Language Proficiency

The Intellekt Group provides increased foreign language proficiency, using the Defense Language Proficiency Test 5 (DLPT5) standards to the DoD, delivering high quality, culturally trained students to enhance national security.

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Responsiveness is the Key to Building Relationships

According to the recent “State of the Union” address, there will be Government cuts, however DOD and Homeland Defense will not be affected as the intent is to create more jobs. That has the potential to translate into more contracts. Though more contracts do not necessarily mean more growth. A company must be responsive to build the relationships necessary to succeed and grow.

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Adult Language Learning: Acquisition and Maintenance

Learning a language as an adult provides unique challenges to every learner. While many methods exist, from Rosetta Stone® to Defense Language Institute courses, each one offers its own advantages and disadvantages. As children, we naturally pick up language at a rapid pace, but this ability begins to fade around age six, and decreases dramatically after adolescence. Due to this change in learning abilities, we need to acknowledge the importance of tailoring language study specifically for adults.

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The Analyst Capability Working Group (ACWG)

The Intellekt Group was selected to provide mentorship, expertise, and support to the Analyst Capability Working Group (ACWG). The ACWG was formed in late 2013 as part of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance’s (HAF/A2) initiative to revolutionize intelligence analysis. Originally managed by HAF/A2D, the ACWG transitioned from Air Staff to Major Command sponsorship in October 2014, and Air Combat Command (ACC/A2A) assumed responsibility for ACWG direction.

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Green Initiative – Reducing Waste in HR

Go greenAs an organization dedicated to our Green Initiative, The Intellekt Group eliminates cumbersome paper usage throughout our Human Resource (HR) processes. We choose vendors and software that allow us to handle data exchange electronically, thereby eliminating paper waste in even the most paper heavy department, Human Resources:

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Industry News – The Air Force’s Future Operating Concept

At the end of FY 2015, the Air Force issued its Future Operating Concept to the public, the latest in a series of strategic concepts to help guide the organization over the next twenty years. The main concept? Operational Agility. In short, “In 2035, the USAF will leverage operational agility as a way to adapt swiftly to any situation or enemy action. Operational Agility is “the ability to rapidly generate and shift among multiple solutions for a given challenge.” This will deliver Global Vigilance—Global Reach—Global Power in support of national security, accomplished through Multi-Domain Command and Control, a combination of air, space, and cyberspace capabilities. By applying multiple strengths simultaneously, operations can paralyze an enemy.

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Green Initiative – Our Promise

Intellekt is doing its part to protect the environment, by making Green a part of the way we operate. RECYCLEOur strategy is a company wide policy that integrates collaboration between employees and management. Our mission and culture is going Green and includes a variety of policies and procedures to ensure we are eco-friendly.

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Technology Enhanced Training Solutions

We present technology enhanced training systems as a viable technology for adult learners. With the implementation of technology enhanced classrooms, SmartBoards, computers, internet, teleconferencing and other resources, an organization can increase student engagement, appeal to different types of learners, and increase overall student retention and effectiveness in the field.

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The Intellekt Group is formed

In December 2014, Trofholz Technologies, Inc. (Trofholz) announced its decision to separate into two independent, privately owned companies. The final separation resulted on 1 September 2015. As a result of this separation, a portion of Trofholz business has evolved to form a new independent, privately held language and intelligence services company, named The Intellekt Group, LLC (Intellekt).  The Intellekt Group, LLC is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

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