About Us

Headquartered out of San Antonio, TX, and with operations worldwide, Intellekt is an agile company dedicated to providing high quality Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, Accelerated Learning, and Enterprise Technology Solutions. Our Subject Matter Experts deliver superior results by collaborating closely with our Federal Government clients to solve their challenges using industry recognized best practices and proven approaches.

Imagery Analyst

Comprehensive Solutions

Our SMEs specialized knowledge and extensive experience exceeds client expectations and ensures mission accomplishment. We provide Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance solutions to meet emerging threats, Accelerated Learning solutions to provide round the clock connectivity to the warfighter in a global environment, and Enterprise Technology solutions to ensure systems continuity. We foster continuous improvement to ensure our employees deliver first class services and products throughout the life cycle of every project.


Achieving a high level of organization, enables clarity and direction. Having a systematic approach to managing tasks allows us to continually assess results against measurable goals and objectives.

While working hard is an important trait, working hard for the sake of working is not effective. We believe in working smarter instead of harder. We enable our employees to act independently, giving them the ability overcome challenges quickly and efficiently. This allows us to be flexible and ensures our customers we measure results, not just time spent.

Enthusiasm for our work is vital to the growth of our company. We encourage our team members to stay engaged, giving them a strong sense of purpose and appreciation for their efforts. Loving what we do provides a sense of satisfaction and organizational accomplishment, thereby enriching the experiences of those around us as well as our customers.

Our culture is based on the principle of accountability. Remaining accountable keeps us engaged with our customers and improves our overall performance. It also allows us to measure our progress and fosters growth.


At The Intellekt Group, we use technology to deliver intelligent solutions to our customers. Our knowledge and experience allows us to support our customers’ long-term goals and improve their daily business functions.


The Intellekt Group evolved from Trofholz Technologies in 2015 to form a company solely focused on delivering Learning, Intelligence and Enterprise Technology solutions to the Federal Government. Our people are subject matter experts in their field and bring years of relevant professional experience.


Our small, unified organization is structured to get results. Being a small, agile company allows us to respond quickly to our customers’ needs, providing them with professional service, easy access to executives, and a welcoming, knowledgeable team.

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